TRX – W2D1

This workout was fantastic!  I took three days off.  I hadn’t intended to take Friday off – I also hadn’t intended to go to my son’s baseball game (I thought the first one was this Friday).   So I skipped the W1D4 workout.

During this workout I felt a lot stronger.  I wasn’t nearly as fatigued as I felt last week (diet related?).

I noticed my calves were sore before I started working out; otherwise, I felt very much “recovered”.

I was able to do the Planks (Level 3) and Hip Abductions with the straps (since hanging them from the ceiling).  It seemed like they were much more difficult when attached to the door.  Like my mobility was lost for both of them.

Side Planks I did on the floor again, but instead of being unable to do them correctly, I was able to do them as a correct side plank.  That, to me, is great news.

Hamstring Curls – I had problems with these last week – it turns out that my calf soreness I noted was directly related to these.  I was able to do these, even lifting my butt off the ground in a correct set, however, the 2nd go I had to leave my butt on the ground and tighten my muscles – it felt like my ham strings were going to explode out of my calves.

Spiderman pushup – I still can’t do a single one of these.  I can, however, hold a plank and bring my knee in, but I cannot bring my knee in and do a pushup.  that appears to be just a bit too much weight as my arms give out each time.  I’m going to try doing spiderman pushups in different positions (e.g. knee extended, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 towards my arm) and see if I can do at least one.  If I can’t then maybe I can do them on the floor.  I was able to do them last week on the floor, but barely.

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