TRX – ceiling mount

I was going to buy a TRX ceiling mount when I found an article on a different and cheaper anchor point…actually I found a couple.

I decided that the same thing was in order for my house.  The door workouts are great, however, there are some workouts that mention needing something different and that is a ceiling or overhead mount.  I have 10.5′ ceilings so I decided to give it a go.

I purchased an anchor mount from Lowes and two 3/8″x2″ lag screws – total cost was less than 12 bucks.  The lag screw rating *should* be enough to hold someone more than 2x my weight – use caution.

I found the ceiling studs using my stud finder then marked about where center was.
I pre drilled some holes with a smaller drillbit.
I then put one lag screw through the eyelet of one side and started screwing it into the wood.
I attached the D-ring
then put the other screw in the other eyelet and started screwing that into the wood
I then finished by making the lag screw heads flush with the ceiling.

After all of that, my daughter hooked up the extension strap then the TRX straps.

I then carefully tested it with an incline chest press so I could watch the bolts and D-ring to see if anything was moving and it shouldn’t.

In a couple of days, or after a few workouts I’ll double check the bolts to make sure there’s no slippage.

That’s it.

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