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I wasn’t dreading today’s workout – except in time.  It’s hard to think that I will spend 3 hours with my wife watching tv, an hour driving to pickup kids, and work through lunch, but not take one hour a day to workout.  The hardest part about workouts is assuring myself that the time spent is worth it when I could be less stressed after working out.

I’ve made a few changes to my life in the last two weeks.

1) How I eat, I’ve become increasingly aware of what I eat.  I don’t want to log something that I shouldn’t eat, so I don’t eat it (I should just not eat it right, but the thought of someone judging me is worse to me for some reason).

2) I weigh myself twice daily – once when I first get up, and once right before I go to bed.  I’m more obsessed with that than I should be, but I feel it helps me have a goal I can see.

3) I do some Tai Chi breathing when I lay down to sleep.  Last night I spent an hour or so doing this and had the most calm and peaceful sleep with extremely vivid dreams

4) I workout daily.  I started last week with P90X3 and this week I’ve been doing TRX Force.  I plan to add 30 min or so of Tai Chi in the morning and in 4-6 weeks I’ll add P90X3 back in full time.  Right now, I plan to do TRX Force at lunch (except on business trips) then P90X3 in the evenings.

5) I have at least 8 cups of water (8oz each) a day

6) I strive for a LCHF diet where I eat mostly meat (lean hamburger and swai fillets) and some veggies (1c of carrots 2-3 oz) and I supplement my protein intake with Muscle Milk – right now it’s Evolve which has 13g of carbs and 13 protein – I’ll switch to one of the pro formulas next week that has 8-9g carbs and 25g protein

7) I take a multivitamin, bcomplex, ginseng, fish oil (omega3).  I’ve always had intestinal issues; fiber pills seem to block everything up.  The carrots seem to make everything right.

I’m also going to say that I love P90X3 and TRX.  I never “feel” like I’m working out until it’s over – then I know I’ve worked out.  I’m not that sore and my muscles feel “right”.

On to today’s workout recap.

I read the workout and was excited, I knew most of the exercises – so I didn’t have any stumbling through today.  I was even more excited that the exercises were pretty short – then I got to the bottom and thought I was done only to read that it said “rest 1-2 minutes then do Round 1-3 again” – I let out a glorious “fuuuuuu” then got up off the floor.  By this point I was already quite fatigued but I did finish the three rounds with the same intensity as the first set.

I was able to do the plank just fine – I’d been doing planks for time over the last two weeks – so a suspended plank was rough, but I accomplished it just fine.  I’m used to 45-60 seconds of planking on the floor.

The side planks I wasn’t able to do suspended.  I just didn’t seem to be able to get my hips off the floor – maybe the straps were too high(?).  I did side planks on the floor and actually did side planks – that’s an improvement over 2 days ago.

Hamstring curl – I was able to do the first round, but I think I had the straps too low – I didn’t move them to mid calf and I think that would’ve made a big difference.  I didn’t do the 2nd set of hamstring curls as I couldn’t even get my butt off the ground.

Spiderman pushup – no 🙂 – I still couldn’t do a spiderman pushup with the TRX.  I did them on the ground, but I found I could only do one at a time.  I couldn’t do them repeatedly.

Getting my feet into the straps is a bit easier, though I need to cut out some of the “sawing” motion that I’m doing to the straps – and find a way to protect my elbow and knees when I’m doing some exercises.

Overall another great workout – I approve.

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