TRX – W3D2

I had to slow down a bit today, but I was able to do at least one of every exercise.

Spiderman Pushups – three each leg followed by five ‘leg-in’ movements (same as a spiderman pushup without the pushup)

Hamstring curls – I’ve been able to do these, but they have been hurting.  Since I went to level 1 they’ve not hurt and I’ve been able to keep my jlo off the ground

Atomic Pike – I had to stick with level 1 which is the same as a Pike for me.  I’ve never really been a pushup kind of person so pushups slay me.

All of the rest of the exercises were a lot easier than I’m sure they’d be on the first day.

Tonight’s plan, should there be no rain, is to walk or bike for 60 minutes.

The indoor trainer was loud on the nubbed mountain bike wheels – i’m going to hold off on that (and my butt was sore after a few minutes, but I sweat like I owned it for 10 mins).

I’m still noticing that my pants are falling off and my shirts don’t look like they’re completely full.  I’ll get some measurements and compare them to some previous blog entries.

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