TRX – W5D2 and W5D3

I only managed one bike workout for about 30 minutes.

I did get in W5D2; a great little workout.  I was flat out exhausted only minutes into the workout.  I had forgotten to eat at all.

All of the exercises were super simple though.

W5D3 – I learned from yesterday’s exhaustion and ate about 30 mins before my workout.  I managed 5 glasses of water before noon so I wouldn’t feel dehydrated as well.

My shoulder and neck are also quite sore from the bike wreck last weekend.  It hurts enough that I cannot move my neck without feeling it stretch.

Incline Press-I was able to hold the first one, I went for level 2/3 I should’ve probably done a modified level 1 where I do the level 1, but go ahead and plank when I get to the apex.  I’m pretty sure that’s what I did Monday.  I could certainly throw in a couple of these daily.

Plank Press – I wasn’t able to do these.  I know Monday I was able to go from arm to elbow, but I cannot get from elbow to full arm extension.  I’m wondering if I can practice these with knees down or in a pushup and I’d be able to improve them.

Pull-up – I did 10 straight without any issues.  I’m definitely getting stronger.

I’m also going to add some Atomic Pikes and Elevated Side Planks to my list of things I can do a couple of daily to improve core and strength.  I don’t want to overdo it, so one (maybe 2) of each should be enough.

I did take measurements yesterday – they are not official.  I will take them again Sunday for the official records as that will be the end of my 6th week of TRX.  Not much weight loss at all.  In fact, some more gain.  I figure that in order to kick in the extra burn I’m definitely going to have to get in those extra hours of walks/biking.

I also bought a new bike seat last night.  The other one was quite rough.  In addition I found out that pushing 108bpm will cause a lot of sweat.

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