TRX – W6D1

I skipped W5D4 – I’ll make that up at the end (in addition to the week 1 and week 4 days I skipped).  The last note I had was the 18th and today is the 25th – that’s nearly a week off and it was worth the rest.

My diet has been severely messed up since TN and then again worse since Austin.  Last week, my exercise routine was totally hosed for morning and evenings – though I did manage to get in some stationary bike rides.

Yesterday and today, I’ve spent a lot of time detoxing and cleaning everything out.

Today, I also ate 100g of baby carrots about 30 min prior to working out; that helped immensely (just as it did the other day).

Incline Plank – I was able to do these quite easily (with both legs in the air, though not walking both legs back, yet)

Hamstring Curl – I was able to get nearly all of them done with my butt off the ground and not resting and I figured out how not to injure my calves

Plank Press – I cannot do these.  I did a scale check this morning.  When I do a full pushup it’s about 178/180 that I push (of 285 pounds).  If I do a “woman’s pushup,” on my knees, then it’s 140ish – if I could figure out a way to plank press less weight I’d certainly do that.  I may just have to wait until I do lose more weight before I do these or, as I’ve said before, I could pick one exercise that I’m not great at or want to improve and do a few extra of those each night.

Side Planks – I completed all of them without having to rest – though I’m finding that my kidney area hurts when I get towards the end of the last 10s hold.

Now the rough part.  I’ve been watching everything I’m eating.  I’ve stayed below my calorie limits.  I’ve taken in nearly 150g of protein daily – my days have been slightly erratic at times, but I’ve still stayed beneath what my BMR is (2470 cal) – so why am I not losing weight.  It can’t be because I’m less active or stayed the same.  It can’t be because I’m eating more.  I could go devils advocate and say that I’ve been eating about 1500 cals and my body is burning more and is not releasing the weight…but that’s stupid – if you take in 1500 calories and burn 3000, there’s no way you can ever stay the same weight.

So what do I do?  My choice is to eat exactly what I’m supposed to; get in 3 workouts (2 walks/rides and one TRX) daily.  I’ve printed off about 200 pages of material to comb through for a Ketogenic diet so I’m going to lean towards the paleo/ketogenic diet more.  I’ve been doing well, but when you have an 800 cal burrito that kind of kills a lot of things – so even though my protein is up there and fats are getting there, there’s still a lot of sugars – so that’s where I need to cut.

In the meantime, I’m happy with getting stronger – I just need to lose the weight… I’m at 7 weeks of TRX and I’ve lost some size, but not as much as I want (nor expect) – so I need to crank it up some.

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