TRX – W7D1 and W7D2

W7D1 went ok.  I felt exhausted and after looking at my foodlog I realized I didn’t eat much all day.

Incline press – done with both feet off the ground – I could only do one or two pushups at a time.

W7D2 went very well.

Pull-ups – I did 3 level 2 pul-ups then I did 5 more level 1 pull-ups.  It felt fantastic to pull my entire body off the floor like I did.  To think that 9 weeks ago I couldn’t do that and 12 or more weeks ago I could barely do 10 chinups.

Spiderman push-up – I did 5 each side before I ran out of energy or muscle.  I don’t know which.  If you look back through my logs you’d see that I couldn’t do any and I probably couldn’t do a push-up.  My next levelup will be do do them with the TRX and not off the ground.  I realize I’m still pushing 180 every time I put my weight on my arms.

Hip Abduction – You’ll never believe this, but I was able to do 10 hip abductions in a row without having to stop and my butt was up off the ground the whole time.

Overall it was a fantastic workout.

I need to do something about the bike seat.  It’s incredibly uncomfortable and even when I put padding on it it’s still very very uncomfortable and painful.  I know I need bike shorts with padding.  Until then I don’t know what I’m going to do.  I need to get more time on the bike than 10 minutes at a time.

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