I have been eating a bit different lately – and have felt great.  I’ve needed to break up my workout into three different pieces not including bike riding.  I’ll probably start today splitting up the three different trx phases.

I decided to do a weigh in and taping a few days early.

weight 279.4 – below 280 for the first time in a very long time (started at 286.2 – april 25)
waist 46.75 – down from 48 (started at 50)
hips 50 – down from 51.3 (started at 53)
chest 41.5 – down from 43.5 (started at 44)

That’s a pretty good feeling after 9 weeks of TRX.  My original goal was pretty much to get smaller and be able to do one pull-up.  Yesterday I did one seated pull-up (I sat on the floor and did a TRX pull-up, so it wasn’t all of my body weight) – then did 4 more.  I’m on my way to doing a real pull-up.

This has been crazy.  Just as I get discouraged by the workouts I see and feel results that keep me going.

13May12 7Jun12 6Jun13 30Apr14 9Jul14
weight 270 272 270 284 279.4
navel 49 48.5 46.75 50 46.75
waist 46.5 48 43.5 45
hips 54 52.5 52 53 50
neck 18 17.5 16.5 16.5 16.5
chest 44 41.5

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