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I was pretty bummed yesterday about not losing weight.  I felt like I had hit a lull and was questioning working out.  I almost let that little naggy-quitting-voice convince me I should stop and I almost didn’t workout today.

This morning, however, I was given welcome news by my scale – which prompted me to tape a few days early – which led me to my previous post that was pretty good news for me… I am, indeed, getting smaller.  I noticed my shorts are falling off even faster now – I may have to buy new ones in the future, but not before I drop to a size that I can no longer cinch them.  If I leave them untied they will fall off when I walk (not quite just dropping to the ground, but I’ll take it.

With the Pull-ups on the TRX yesterday (seated) ( – skip to about :59) up until yesterday I had done these with my feet flat on the ground.  Yesterday I did them with my legs extended.  Feeling great from the thought of that I thought I’d try a regular pull up on a pull up bar, and a chinup.  I was unable to do either.  I wasn’t even able to get my feet off the ground.  I was able to pull myself up some, but not enough to get off the ground nor get my chin over the bar… but 12 weeks ago I couldn’t even do what I did this morning.

Today’s workout was greeted with a little more fervor than usual.  I was determined to do every rep as well as I could and not just try to do them.  I succeeded.

Incline Press- level 2 – foot on the ground.  Bam!  Completed without any problems.

Plank Press – level 1 (on ground) – just fine – all 7 done correctly and I was thrilled to have that accomplishment.

Inverted Row (single Arm) – these were a nogo – so I did inverted rows dual arm, but one arm at a different distance.  I made the handles two different heights so I would pull mainly on the arm I wanted to.

Pikes – 10 no problem.  I probably could’ve done 12, but I didn’t feel like I had enough energy.

Hip Press – first 10 no problem.  second 10 I had to stop at 8 then go to 10

Hinge (single arm) – I didn’t believe that I could do these.  The last time I attempted full hinges it was a row to hinge or something and that was too much.  I did multiple double arm hinges then a few single arm hinges.

Pull Press – another one I wasn’t sure of.  Knocked it out no problem.  I may need to adjust my straps a little shorter next time, but I’m happy with the progress.

Remember that it can be easy to lose sight of what your goal is.  You can read here that I did.  I get wrapped up in weight because I’ve never been 280+ until 2008 and 6 years later I’ve fluctuated down to 260s and back up to 290s.  That’s a large fluctuation.  Also remember that I haven’t taken the time for me until 12 weeks ago and last summer.  It’s easy to slip back into habits or think you can’t do it.

It’s like counting calories.  If you have 1200 calories but that’s 3 krispy kremes you’re not doing yourself any favors.  I do count calories in the app I use (myfitnesspal is great – – and I do what I can to stay under 1500.  However, I do what I can to make sure those 1500 calories are good calories (meat, veggies) and it allows me to see that eating a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza (yum) is also 500+ calories or how easily it is to get 1000+ calories in eating a sonic burger, tater tots, and med coke.  All of my favorite foods are ok as long as I don’t do them three times a day and maintain some order to my workouts.  I watch everything to make sure I don’t give myself breaks too much when it comes to food.  I know it’s ok to eat an occasional meal out, and I don’t eat anything yucky – all of the foods I eat are delicious I just don’t eat as much of them like I used to.

My trainer doesn’t agree with counting calories (so many people focus on the calories and not the content).  She says that you should eat what you feel like and as much of the “healthier” foods like meats, veggies, etc. and skip other foods that you shouldn’t (taco bell, etc) and you’ll do fine.  She’s probably right, however, if I have a goal to reach for that I understand then that helps me feel like I’ve accomplished something… just like my workouts do.

So the next time you get discouraged remember that your next breakthrough may be right around the corner like mine was this morning.

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