TRX – W8D1

it has been 2 months since i started TRX.  my first workout was 15May.  im on week 8 and have. missed parts of two weeks that i ended up combining into one week, but it’s actually the 9th week of TRX.  After i complete week 12 my goal is to do all of the days i missed (so far there are 6) – so my first run of TRX will actually be 14 physical weeks long (week 12 will be the 13th week then a week of makeup)

I started late this week (Tuesday).  I took two sick days at the end of last week and by Monday was still not feeling great.

This workout went well.  i split it up into two sections.  i didnt feel like i had eaten enough before lunch and was out of energy by the time i completed the first round.  i ate a little bit and by the time i hit the next workout i was fine.
i completed everything easily.  even the singe arm inverted rows were no match for me.  this was a great workout.
i dont have any notes to share – this workout went well.  i was concerned about the single arm inverted rows and the single arm hinges when i stared, but i aced both of those too.

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