i need to do better

if you go back and look at my workouts over the last 10-11 weeks youll see that they are erratic.  ill workout monday then wed or something then not again til the next tuesday.  ive not noticed any lack of progress, just lack of interest.  i get frustratedby the workouts.  i start and then i just want to stop.  im worn out before i get very far in to the workout (which i think is related to sleep pattern and diet).  im much stronger than i was when i started the trx program so i cant complain about that.  i am just not pushing myself as hard as i think i should be.

i think im going to split trx into 2-3 times each phase coming at different meal times.  then a couple of times a day do supplemental workouts (like an additional set of side planks or planks or pikes etc) to get in some targeted strength for those areas that are especially weak.
i also want to increase some strength for some other positions (like planche) that cannot be achieved via trx.  i can get in some workouts but i cant improve my seated ‘L’ nor tucking my legs in and transitioning my les from in front to behind – so im going to build some ‘canes’ to work on that and my handstands (i cant do one and never have).
also in upcoming weeks im going to get some weights to anchor the slideboard and figure out a way to make it more slick.  right now it’s semislick.
i also really need to figure out how to make my bike trainer more comfortable.
in a few hours ill do trx w8d2 and hopefully transition to week 9 this week to finish it off early next week.

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