TRX – W9D0

You read that right – D0 (Day zero).  I know it’s Wednesday.  I should have started W9 on Monday; however, my motivation has been crap.  I did only one day from W8 and did 1/2 of round 1 W8D2 this morning and decided that I didn’t want to.  I planned to just stop for the day and decided instead that I’d start W9D1 tomorrow.  Instead of just calling it quits for the day, I decided to do my own blend of workout today to see where my level is.

I’m going to list all of the exercises I did today and my “level” – when I started TRX I couldn’t do any of these.  That, to me, also tells of progress.  I did two sets of each holding for a set time or as long as I wanted to.

Body Saw — these were easy compared to the first time I did them.  At that time, I couldn’t hold a plank and couldn’t do the rocking well.  Eventually I went to more floor body saws – it’s nice to know I can do these now for extended amounts of time.

Incline Plank — I can do this move nearly vertical now and hold it for over 30 seconds.  The first time I did one I was barely able to get off of the ground and it took two tries to get the total 10 seconds I was supposed to hold it for.

Mountain Climber — these were like the pike; a little rough.  Something I could certainly use more practice on.

Overhead Back Extension – easy.  I just did 20 to do them.

Pull up – I did the full seated pull-up where my legs are straight in front of me and I just use my upper body to pull my fat butt off the ground.  I did five of these.

Pike — I haven’t done a lot of these lately, I need to do more.  I felt a little weak and had to stop after three.  I continued on through 10

Plank — I can hold the plank for a long time now

Plank Press — I was able to do these with both arms at the same time and not stepping them up one at a time from the downward elbow-plank position.  I did 10 without a problem.

Side Plank — I was able to hold the side plank for close to 30 seconds before I just said that was enough and decided to do another exercise.  I could’ve held it for a lot longer.

Incline Press — I cannot do a “handstand” pushup.  As above the Incline Plank I can do near vertical.  I cannot do the incline press near vertical.  I have some horizontal play more in the planche range.

One of these days I’ll do each of these exercises for time; holding them until I can’t anymore.  Maybe Sunday?

I haven’t scoured my previous journal entries for the quotes i had on these exercises when i first started, but I’ll bet if you did you’d find a lot of soreness and notes that they were hard.

One other thing I noticed watching some of the street workout performances yesterday was that they all had Hugh Jackman bird legs.  Their upper bodies were ripped, but their lower body was like looking at toothpicks.  They spend so much time on bars they forget to do legs.  They’re strong, don’t get me wrong, but they are unbalanced in most of the cases I watched last night.

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