Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
TRX Side Plank 3x10s L2 3×10 L1 # L# # L#
TRX Hip Press 12 L2 12 L2 # L# # L#
TRX Inverted Row 12 L1 12 L1 # L# # L#
TRX Pike 4 L2 8 L2 # L# # L#

First Set
Todays workout was far less than stellar.  I’m extremely stressed about a few things in life right now and that caused me to not be able to focus.  Every time I’d get into a workout I’d think about something I needed to fix and fixing those seems more important.  I can’t let them be more important than working out.

Later on today I’ll do the other three sets in the circuit.

I need to adjust my food plan so I’m not struggling for energy.  The Coke isn’t good and it’s the only thing I have in the house with caffeine and carbs.  I have to go food shopping tonight.

Second Set
You’ll see in my 2nd set I did Side Planks 3×10 L1 – that’s not entirely accurate.  I did the left side 3×10 L2 then right side 1×10 L2 then 3×10 L1 to make up for the non L2s I was doing.  It wasn’t my side, but my knees that felt like they were going to snap sideways on the right side.

I did do all of the Pikes this time.  This is not a bad workout at all.  It is involved enough that I feel it working; feel the workout; and don’t feel like I’m going to die.

Third and Fourth Set
I got wrapped up in home stuff and did not end up doing either of these sets

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