W1D2 TRX Lower Body Circuit

Today is W1D2 – Remember I am following two routines (mentioned here).  The first is the TRX Pull Up Program.  The second is the Smart Food and Fit TRX Workouts.  Today, Day 2, is the Lower Body Circuit.

Yesterday did not go so well.  I did one set of the W1D1 Circuit A that I have done two weeks in a row now.  I did very well, improving off of the last two times I had done the circuit.  Today, I was going to finish that one, but decided not to and just move on.  What I encountered yesterday was my body telling me to stop b/c of stomach cramps once I completed the first set.  I realized I hadn’t eaten yet and I need to eat about a half hour before I workout.  So I ate, then I got wrapped up in work and home stuff and ended up not working out past that first set.

I set out to fix that today by eating lunch.  I had intended to workout after my 2pm phone call and did not, instead I worked through my workout because I felt guilty that I had taken a lunch on Veteran’s Day.  It sounds crazy, and might well be, but this is how my brain works.

Today’s workout consists of: TRX Abducted Lunge (12-25), 50 Jumping Jacks, TRX Lunge (12-25), 50 Jump Ropes, and TRX Balance Lunge (12-25); for a total of 3 circuits.

The first circuit I did 12 for the TRX exercises and 50 for the other 2.  Wow.  I was worn out after the first circuit; and my stomach hurts since it’s been 6 hours since I last ate.  I need to really do better at that.  I sweat a little and felt my heart rate get up there from the exercises.  With Jumping Jacks I noticed my calves hurt after 25 and were burning at 50.  With the Jump Ropes I was just worn out after 20 and the next 30 took forever to finish b/c I kept messing up and stepping on the rope (I’m sure I’ll get better as I continue to do them).

The second circuit I did the same as the first.  A little better with the jump rope, going nearly 10 before messing up the first time.

I am skipping the third circuit tonight.  I’m almost completely out of energy and my stomach is yelling for me to eat or I’ll be sick.

All-in-all, a good workout.  Not too strenuous, but enough of a workout to make me feel it and my pulse went up to 86… not too bad for exerting vigorously (I’m taking Propranolol).

Time to eat!  Tomorrow is TRX Pull Up Program Circuit B – you can find more information here

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