Today starts week 2.  I always hate restarting workouts, and if I’d just not stop I’d continue to workout (kind of the point, right?).

This weekend I didn’t do anything strenuous.  I rested after last weeks workouts.  I was so sore on Saturday that I didn’t want to workout – I rather enjoyed that feeling.  Sunday, I didn’t eat much different than the rest of the week except that I had some Cinnabon Delights from Taco Bell and glazed donut holes and maybe a few other things.

I’ve cut coke down to 2 a day (much better than 6).  Almost all of my cravings for chocolate and bad stuff have nearly gone since I started downing 7+ cups of water a day.  I also start the day with 3 eight-oz glasses of water then brush my teeth.   After an hour I take my meds with 2 more glasses of water.  I then don’t eat until about 11:30 or so and have stopped eating about 8 at night.  This is kind of how my body has worked for 20 years so IF seems to be the way I like to go.

I had to take longer breaks than I thought I would between sets, but I did quite well.  I’m impressed by how much I was able to accomplish and the actual workout.

16.5 weeks to go til PCC 13-15Mar15 – My plan is workouts 5-6 days a week through the holidays.  Remember my only goal is one single Pull Up of my 284 pound body; any weight loss that comes with strength is pure bonus.

I want to leave with this link.  In addition to losing weight, there is a chance that the first year or two I might have a lot of extra unwanted skin while it recovers from the weight loss.

I only have 100 pounds that I want to lose (though I’d like to see about 125-130 pounds total) through all of this.  I’d like to be about 230-240 by PCC, but again I’m not working for that; I’d reach my goal by being able to do one pull up by PCC.

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
Forward Lunge with Hip Flexor Stretch
Squat Row 20 L2 16 L2 16 L2 16 L2
Pull Up 6 L1 6 L1 6 L1 6 L1
Body Saw 6 L3 6 L3 6 L3 6 L3
Low Row to Biceps Curl to Y Fly 12 L2 13 L2 12 L2 12 L2

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