W2J2 – Day 9

I never thought I’d say that I went 10 days without Coke (ok 9.5 so far – pushing 10) and 9 days as mostly a vegetarian (we know about my 3 slips).  That also means I’ve only had caffeine once and that was when I was sick.  I thought it would help “speed things along”, GI speaking.

I forgot to mention that the food I bought on the day before I started juicing would’ve been enough for both my wife and I to juice an entire week had I not gotten sick.  So now I have 2 bags of spinach and 1 bag of kale left over.  I did go to the store and get more fruits to start this week.  I’ll have to go back and get some more to finish out this week as I bought enough just for a few days (on purpose).

I have found a few things different in my day-to-day.
1) I never liked to spend a lot of time cooking, so my meal prep was never more than 30 minutes (probably for the entire day).  Now, my prep and “cooking” time with cleaning is 30 minutes or less each “meal”.  So if my wife and I are juicing then it’s 30 minutes 4-6 times daily.  I would normally bitch and complain, however, this gives me a break from work and if I don’t then I’m intensely hungry.
2) My brain “drifting” has returned.  When i’m juicing I’m able to get back to thinking about a ton of other things at once.  I haven’t been able to do that in years except when I would walk, run, or ride my bike (motor or manual).
3) I haven’t lost a thought in a few days.  Once I start a thought I’ve managed to keep it through distractions.
4) I’ve had an increase in focus.  That’s been a severe problem for a few years.  I’ve had to force myself to focus.
5) I’ve been able to visualize much better.  If you’ve ever seen the Moffat Sherlock series there’s the episode Hound of the Baskervilles where Sherlock sits down and literally sees all of the permutations.  That’s very close to how my brain normally works.
6) I’ve been remembering more.  Each day I seem to be able to remember more and more.  I used to be able to recall details from documents or articles or anything really with good detail.  Not photographic memory, just really good detail.  Most of the time, over the last few years, I can barely remember my name.  Ok that’s stretching it, but you get my point.
7) My nose used to run all of the time like allergies.  I take Zyrtec twice daily.  I’ve not been taking the night dose and my wife says that my snoring has somewhat diminished.
8) I don’t have candida flareups anymore.
9) My teeth are always smooth.  I brush them and many hours later they’re still smooth like I just brushed.
10) I was plagued with years (nearly 20) of needing to immediately have to rush to the bathroom.  I don’t fear that anymore.
11) I’ve been able to regain my brain “not shutting off” which I used to hate, but if you’ve ever had it then lost it, well you miss it.

1) I pee a lot.  After every juice I drink 16 oz of water – for a total of 10-12 or more glasses of water a day.  AND I get 4-6 juices in daily… all liquids
2) I don’t defecate as much.  This really isn’t a downside.  There’s also no urgency like there was before.

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