W2J3-W2J4 – Days 10 and 11

I’ve not been nearly as tired.  I haven’t been entirely juicing.  There have been a few occasions that I eat some fresh green beans or some black olives.  I don’t eat much and it’s just when my stomach starts aching b/c I’ve missed my eating window.  Sometimes I get into what I’m doing and lose track of time (which is fairly new to have that back) or I get into a work meeting and can’t go get juice immediately when it’s time to make it.

I’m down to 276.4 – we’ll see how this goes.  My goal is to get to 270.  Once I get there, my goal will be 10 pounds at a time until I can get close to my end goal then I may drop that goal to 5 pounds at a time.

The cravings are almost all gone, but I’m listening to what my body is telling me.  I do have cravings for some green beans and olives which is why I started eating some of those.  And BTW, I think black olives taste “buttery”.

Anyway, doing well.  I do have some protein daily via the veggie protein powder just to make sure I’ve got some.  I do smell ammonia occasionally and that tells me my body is burning protein so I make sure to get that intake.

My plan the rest of this week is to get fully adjusted, and get some rest.  With work being weird I’ve not slept as much as I should be.  Then next week I get back into TRX.  I may start Sunday, we’ll see.  I feel like I need to sleep in for a few days and get rested.  And none of that is b/c of juicing all from extra long hours at work.

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