W2J7 – Day 13

14 days no Coke. No HFCS. Almost no processed anything. I did, last week, have those three items of meat – this week, no meat.
I almost ate some bacon at lunch today at the annual family christmas lunch, but decided not to.
After 13 days, I still juice 4-6x a day (as per the plan). I do have vegan protein powder 2x a day. I also have more than 80oz of water.
Sometimes I get working and just want to get this one last thing done. By the time I’m done it means that I’m close or over my juice time. I make all of my juice by hand 2-3x a day. I could do all of my juice at one time if I wanted to. When I get over my juice time I drink 16oz of water and then eat a couple of green beans (these raw crunchy awesome beans). Anyway, then I prep the fruits and veggies for juicing. When I’m done washing everything I drink the juice (some juices make 2 servings so I only drink half).
I’m down to 276.6ish in weight. I’ve noticed a lot of other benefits that I didn’t expect or I wasn’t thinking about – most notably my brain seems to have returned. It’s still a bit cloudy, but that’s mostly b/c I’ve been working 16 hour days this week to push for this client by tomorrow. And because of that I’ve also been tired from the extended hours without much in the way of rest. However, my brain has regained it’s bounce in terms of being able to think through problems at work. I lost so much focus over the last few years (at work – I mean ADD is gonna happen when I socialize).
I’ll be doing official weight and measure tomorrow.

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