W3J1 – Day 14 — and measurements

2 weeks ago I started juicing.  I have had some solids (crispy green beans, black olives, some salad, fruits, but I limit that as much as possible).  95% of my intake is 8oz juice for breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon, dinner, and post dinner.  I have coconut water mid morning.  If I am late making my juice then I have some green beans.  If I’m feeling really hungry I have some black olives.  I also have 80oz plus of water a day.

After 2 weeks, I have felt great.  My body is tired, but not exhausted.  It’s like it needs to be walked or something.  I can’t describe it, but it feels like it’s clear and focused, but underpowered.

I have had one dessert this week of a caramel frappuccino w soy milk no whip from starbucks… and that was my reward for 14 days of juicing.

So how have I done?  You can see my start date on 7Dec14 and today:
weight loss 10.4 pounds, bellybutton 1.5 inches, hips .75 inches down


13May12 7Jun12 6Jun13 30Apr14 9Jul14 7Dec14 21Dec14
weight 270 272 270 284 279.4 286 275.6
navel 49 48.5 46.75 50 46.75 49.75 48.15
waist 46.5 48 43.5 45
hips 54 52.5 52 53 50 52.5 51.75
neck 18 17.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.75 16
chest 44 41.5 43 43.5

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