W3J4-J7 – Days 17-20

The last three days have been weird.  i juiced 95% of the time but i decided to have real food for part of it.  
christmas i had 2 apple brats
friday i had some soup stuff a burrito and mexican pizza
today i had a sonic burger
i wasnt going to have chreat meals – but i decided that i wanted to.  now im sorry i did.  i dont feel well but also im backed up.  i found that some of my vitamins stop me up so i went back to the basic ones and now im flushing my system again.  i lost some of my hard work and gained back 3 pounds, which will be gone tomorrow.  so im going back to juice only i felt better.
in case you werent keeping track i passed 21 days without a Coke or other beverage.

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