W4J1 – Day 21 (Sunday 28Dec14)

21 days!  I didn’t think 21 days ago I’d be writing a 21 day juicing blog entry.  I had hoped, but I wasn’t sure.  My wife, who introduced me to the concept, has said I’m crazy for still juicing (LOL).  I don’t think she means it.

I have felt better.  I have made a few conscious choices for some non-juice and non-vegetarian menu items.  I am glad I made the choices so I could feel their effects after 21 days – which send me back to juicing and fruits and veggies.  When I’m done with the juicing in 39 more days I’ll continue to juice some and I’ll add smoothies.

I still have not had any kind of soft drink after 22 days.  I haven’t had anything to drink that hasn’t been juice I’ve made or water.  I’ve been drinking between 8 and 16 cups of water a day.

My pants are falling off of me a little more.  I haven’t had as much weight loss as I had hoped, but I also attribute that to not adhering to a strict juice diet.  I do have an occasional solid food and for a while I was having more solid foods than I should’ve been.  I’m going to go back to juice – and if I need something solid I’ll have an apple or some olives.

When I don’t juice I can feel it in my system.  My body tells me I didn’t do something right.  As well, when I don’t have enough water my body tells me I need more.

After 3 weeks, I feel better.  I’ve been working a ton the last two weeks and this morning I slept in til 11.  I actually tossed and turned a little more than slept, but I stayed in bed til 11.  Most days I would’ve been up, juiced, cleaned the juicer, drank my juice, and started work by 8 (if not sooner) and then worked until 11 or later.

My wife has noticed my energy.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been more ‘hyper’ which could be translated to more energy.  I’ve not been as tired despite the late work.  My brain and my body have both told me that they needed a bit more sleep, but weren’t tired per-se.

I have noticed that I’m not as frustrated with my brain as I was.  I’m able to remember more things easier and “get inside” my head again.  I don’t have as many recurring and intrusive thoughts.  I also noticed the opposite was true when I made some of the conscious choices I mentioned earlier.

Oh, I’ve also started straining my juices.  I noticed a lot of the pulp getting into the juices lately.  I don’t know why – it could be that I’ve used my Jack Lalane juicer more in the last 3 weeks than it had been used in the last 1-2 years.  So I got the juice screen out and pour my juice through it to filter out that part.  It doesn’t just leave me with colored water, it removes a lot of the pulp part, but still a tasty, tasty, juice.

Finally, since I feel like my body can handle it, I’m going to start back to my TRX pullup program.  I think supplementing with the vegan protein powder, BCAAs, and juicing (upping juice if I need to or adding a fruit or veggies) will be good for me.  I also haven’t been as active as I could’ve been during the last three weeks and mostly b/c I worked so many hours and didn’t take time away for myself.

As you can see bythe timestamp it’s 3:14 am -ish.  I have been waking up and not tired again for a few hours ever since I started juicing.  So I guess if I didn’t notice my energy before I certainly notice it now.

I look forward to the next 3 weeks of nothing but juice.

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