W4J5 – Day 25 (1Jan15)

This is my fourth day of juicing this week.  I have had a few “cheats” this last week (such as some sushi with my wife last night for New Year’s Eve).  Most of my “cheats” have been solid foods (green beans, or olives) and not been “cheats” as in meat.  I’m still at (just a guess) 98% meat free for the last week.

I’m still down in the 273-274 pound range and my wife says I’m looking a bit smaller.  I need to spend some time cleaning up my office and organizing it so that it looks better.  Right now, it looks like I’m going to be on the cover of hoarder magazine.  In reality, I moved everything from the storage room to my office and the play room to make the former workout room/storage room into my wife’s new office.

I found that I was losing veggies to rot – so I’ve decided to buy my juicing foods for about 2-3 days at a time.  I peel and cut the carrots and celeray and put them in the fridge in tupperware.  The apples, pears, and sweet potatoes I leave on the table in a dry bowl.  And the, kale and spinach I rotate the bag daily to make sure any moisture doesn’t cause rotting in the bag.  I buy the sealed mexican cucumbers which I peel when I need.  This seems to cut down on all of my food loss to rot.

My estimate for juicing (since the 6th of December and one week was both my wife and I):
week 1: $126 (6Dec)
week 2: $50 (14Dec)
week 3: $220 (21Dec)
              $35 (22Dec)
week 4: $32 (28Dec)

In week 3 I also had to throw away 10 pounds of carrots, and 2 containers of spinach/kale/carrot mix – which was a total of like 20 -30 bucks in food and not all of that purchase was juicing food – so I’m going to estimate 150ish was mine.

I’ll do a little better at keeping track this month – my preliminary estimate is about 400 bucks for my juicing this month.  I don’t know what I’d spend on fast food, but I would guess about the same, if not more.

I finally got a measuring tape to do my weekly measurements – Instead of showing the table I’ve decided to show you a comparison between 21Dec and today.

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