W5J1 – 28 days of juicing and measurements

29 days no Coke.  I’ve only had water, juice that I’ve made, or coconut water to drink.  As for food, I’ve been mostly juice and occasionally some Green Beans or Black Olives.

As you can see by the numbers below I’ve made some great progress:
nearly 16 pounds lost
2 inches off my waist
2 inches off my hips
neck the same
1 inch off my chest

I’m feeling really well.  The only side effect I’ve had is some occasional weird dreams.  One dream I had I was driving my car and lived in a connex container in a gravel parking lot.  I was carrying around this baby the whole time with a chest carrier.  I swapped out my wrecked car for a black jeep… when I looked in the mirror I was Stephen Amell without a shirt on and the baby was his daughter.  I don’t know why I dreamt I was Stephen Amell, but I’ll take it.


13May12 7Jun12 6Jun13 30Apr14 9Jul14 7Dec14 21Dec14 5Jan15
weight 270 272 270 284 279.4 286 275.6 270.6
navel 49 48.5 46.75 50 46.75 49.75 48.15 47.75
waist 46.5 48 43.5 45 46.5
hips 54 52.5 52 53 50 52.5 51.75 50.5
neck 18 17.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.75 16 16
chest 44 41.5 43 43.5 42

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