W5J2 – W1D1

Today was my first workout since I started juicing.  I gave myself 29 days of juicing to give my body time to adjust.  I worked a lot through December b/c my kids were out of town so I didn’t do much in the way of exercise either.

I started at the beginning with the TRX Pull Up Program as I started before on the 27Oct (http://elvisapocalypse.blogspot.com/2014/10/and-so-it-begins-again-week-1-day-1.html).

I ran out of energy, but I still felt good.  I did 2 rounds instead of 4.

Forward Lunge – 5 each
Squat Row – 15
Pull Up – 6 (1st), 10 (2nd)
Body Saw – I couldn’t do any of these the first time I instead did 10s plank L3 and then I did 8 L2 body saws
Low Row to Curl to Y – 12 (1st), 10 (2nd)

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