Weights over the years (since Dec 2008)

Since December 2008 I’ve fluctuated from mid 290s down to mid 260s.  At my heaviest I weighed
 297.4.  At my lightest I weighed 265.6 .

Nearly 11 months ago I was my heaviest.

I have been tracking my weight and workouts off and on since at least December 2001.  Recently, while cleaning out old crap I have found workout journals that list pretty much everything MyFitnessPal does but it’s all handwritten.

The other day when I was going through my phone to find out the first time I entered a weight in one of the apps I’ve used I went all the way back to December 2008 where I weighed about the same as I did when I started juicing in December 2014.

I also found that February 16, 2014 I weighed 297.4 – so that gives me a 27.4 pound weight loss in the last year, with 13.5 just in the last 5 weeks.

I also noticed from the journals that there’s a neurosis, of sorts, about weight and size – mostly due to my role in the Army and I had to weigh a specific weight and be a specific size.  In 2001 I weighed 208 pounds.  I know when I got to Iraq in May 2003 I weighed 190 or less.  From October 2003 to Feb 2004 I was prescribed a medication for OCD and I gained 65 pounds and was up to 255 which I would come home between 255 and 260.  I would drop down to 239 for a bit in nov 2004.  From there I struggled off and on and the stresses of work and I would gain weight.  I gained about 15-20 pounds after I quit smoking.  And in the last 7+ years I’ve maintained.

I ate everything that my trainer said I should.  I worked out how they told me I should.  I even documented 5 minute miles in October of 2002.  I never lost much weight.  I gained some muscle, but never lost much weight.  My belly and butt also kept getting bigger.

I shared all of this boring detail to get to this – The only thing that was consistent in ALL of my logs was that when I lost weight I dropped Coke – which didn’t usually last long or I would drop it down but didn’t drop it completely – until Dec 6, 2014.

You’ve read my results after 4 weeks of juicing, eating right (90% veggies), and cutting out Coke and all drinks not water, juice, or vegan protein shake.

I’m not sure where I’ll go.  I have 3.5 weeks or so but I’d like to see 260 or better.  I’ve been working out heavily the last 4 days and felt great except the last two days where I think I think I have the flu.

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