W5J5 – W1D4

This morning I woke up again with some vertigo.  I’ve had several bouts of vertigo during the day – including right now (post workout).  My wife has been sick for 3 days and I hope that I don’t have what she’s got, but we’ll see.

Todays circuit is the upper circuit of the Feel Good Full Body TRX Workout.

Chest press outside grip – 25 L2 each set
Jumping Jackgs – 50 each set
Triceps Overhead Extension – 25 L2 each set
Jump Ropes – 50 each set
Mid Back Row – 25 each set
High Knees – 1 min each set
Bicep Curl – 25 each set

I skipped the 1 min sprints.

I don’t feel really well.  I think I may have picked up the flu from my wife.

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