W5J4 – W1D3

I woke up a little sore this morning.  I also woke up with some incredible vertigo.  I experienced a lot of vertigo during my workout which I had to cut short.

Before the workout I attempted one pullup.  I could not lift myself off the ground.  However, I jumped up and was able to hold myself most of the way up for a few seconds before I dropped it.

I did Circuit B of the TRX Pull Up Program

Long Torso Stretch – 30s each side both circuits
Side Plank L2 3x10s each side both circuits
Hip Press L2 13 (in 35s) first circuit, 15 in 35s the 2nd circuit
Inverted Row L2 10 both circuits
Pike L2 8 first circuit 10 2nd circuit

While I was working out I actually felt stronger.  That’s not usually something that happens.  I also felt like the vertigo hindered me a little.  If there hadn’t been vertigo to the point that I had to lay down until it passed I would’ve completed the remaining two circuits that I needed to.

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