W7J5 – W3D5 (W1D3) — W7J6 – W3D6 (W1D0)

Yesterday, I kicked my own butt again.  When I was done I could barely walk.

My Pre-workout
Pull Up [with bar] – could not do one, but was able to pull my shoulders up by a couple inches.
Inclined Plank 2x10s
Inclined Press 4 (with one leg on the ground)
Dips 15 (with parallettes)
Pikes (cut from the pre-workout since I’ll be doing those with the TRX Force workout)
Jump hold (with pull up bar – jump up and hold) 5 count x 3

Pull Up Program (supposed to do 4x, did 1)
Inverted Row 8-12 (I did 8)
Wall Slides 15
Low Row – Biceps – Y 15
Pike 8-12 (I did 8)
Squat Row – skipped because it’s in the regular workout
TRX Force – 2x
Squat Row 15
Chest Press 15
Plank 4×10 on floor not L1 because of lower back
Hip Abduction 15
Squat 15
Row LMH 15
Triceps Press 15
Side Plank 3×10
Biceps Curl 15
Hamstring Curl 15
Spiderman Push Up (8) – I could not do a spiderman pushup – so I did 16 pushups
I’m working on my upper body strength to lift myself for the pull up or even do handstand push ups 
Friday (today), I did not workout.  I got wrapped up with work and not feeling great as far as muscles go.  They weren’t bad, just sore.  So I decided today would be my break day.  Tomorrow I’ll do the workout I planned for today (preworkout, Feel Good core and W1D4)
I did eat some tortellini today.  I can’t wait to be smaller.

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