Make 3d Holographic videos on your iphone – my version

I am not really a “maker”.  I can sometimes “luck” into making things that work.  I came across this article and decided that it would be something I’d do with the kids.  My first problem was finding a jewel case for a CD.  You’d think with as much music as I own I’d still have some jewel cases around – I found one.  The second problem was cutting the CD case.  I scored and scored and scored and then broke it all into a gabillion pieces.  I made the first attempt with some horrific angles and it “worked”.  I decided that my second attempt would be out of a thicker plastic sheeting instead of a jewel case.  I also modified the plans to create a shape that would then form a pyramid with only one “cut” edge so it would be sturdier.  For this version, I used the clear plastic cover off of a 1″ binder (the part you’d normally slide a cover sheet behind).

The kids are happy with their version – though it’s not as clear as the CD case version.  I’m happy that I can cut out a bunch of these with scissors and it’s much less frustrating and much less messy.  If I decide to make more I’ll make them out of a more clear plastic.

The dimensions for the individual trapezoids are: 1 cm across the top and 6cm across the bottom with a height of 4 cm.  I’ll post a scanned verison later so you can print it and cut it out.  It won’t be perfect, but it’ll work.

Everything else you need to know is in the Yahoo article above.

Here are the results:

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