Wow has this week sucked for workouts.  I intended to get in the workouts continuing the roll from last week and the week before.  I was distracted by vacation with the kids. I thought about working out every day and did so with the kids; however, I did not do a workout – I did whatever activity we were punching through.

So week 3 day 4 is here.  I’ve f’n wasted 2.5 weeks.

This morning has sucked butt, so far.  I hopped on the morning call, then hopped on my bike… then I found out my computer acquired a virus sometime last night.  I didn’t let it go out to the bar to pick up other peripherals so i’m not sure how it managed to get infected.  The good news was the virus was a minor trojan (note the difference between a trojan virus vs a trojan condom) and was easily squashed by Symantec.  I still had some browser extensions I had to quash.  So my phone call was crap and I’ll have to reschedule my morning bike ride for later today.

Noon workout (the Pull Up Program/Feel good and Cize) may also have to come in later tonight as I’m planning to take a motorcycle ride at lunch – we’ll see.  I may still do the workout and ride later tonight (depending on if lucas is doing bmx tonight – if he is then i’ll have to run his bike to him, if not, then it’s a leisurely ride somewhere, anywhere).

No motorcycle ride and only part of the Feel good Upper workout – no Cize, yet.  However, I did do all of the exercises for the FEGUP workout with a 40 pound vest;which I weigh 334 pounds with workout clothes and the vest on.  Which means my standing weight naked is close to 290 – I don’t like that at all – however, some of that weight is due to being “full”.

We’ll see if Lucas is doing BMX tonight – if he is then I don’t know when I’ll get my workout in.  However, I’ve eaten perfectly today, so far – that’s a huge bonus.

I ate perfectly today.  I didn’t even stray into the Dr Pepper zone.

I did not get in the workouts I wanted to.  I managed to get in 20 mins of my planned workout; 0 mins of my bike; and 0 mins of cize.

I feel good about today.  Tomorrow will be better.

Also, I can’t fit comfortably into my riding jeans for my motorcycle — so this needs to get fixed.

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