W4D2 and W4D3 – BABC

I’ve been craving sugar a lot.  I’ve found that just some small mints are enough.  I quit buying gum b/c i was “chain-chewing” (the equivalent of chain-smoking).  I’ve been riding my bike 30 minutes on my morning calls, still.  I had to take W4D2 off from my other workouts b/c doing squats and rows with a 40 pound weight vest caused soreness I’ve not felt in a long time.  I then realized I need to split my Pull Up Program (PUP) and Feelgood workout days so it’s not Upper/Upper Lower/Lower – so I need to do something like PUP Upper, Feelgood Core, PUP Lower, Feelgood Upper, PUP Core, Feelgood Lower – so I’m getting about 24 or more hours between the two workouts and not tearing up my workouts.  The goal of doing the PUP is still to do one single pull-up.  I’m getting closer to being able to pull myself up – I’ll feel really good once I can do the first pull-up.

I’ve gotten hooked on binge watching Survivor with my wife.  It’s actually been motivating.  I feel like I could lose size and gain muscle and be able to compete where right now I wouldn’t be able to compete – and you don’t see people my size competing.

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