Week 54 – I really need to get back to writing daily entries so I can remember what I did and how I felt about the workout.

The last two weeks have been moving heavy crap from storage to trash and building the climbing wall – which my daily routine includes a minimum of 20 mins climbing and 60 mins riding my stationary bike on a mag trainer.  I’m also on day 14 of the 22 in 22 challenge; 22 pushups a day for 22 days to bring awareness about for the approximately 22 veterans who commit suicide daily.  If you need/want help http://opzerovets.org which includes a link to the Veterans Crisis Line and a phone number to call.

I decided it was time to update with some new photos.  I hate this part, however, it helps me see what everyone else does and that helps me stay motivated.  I don’t like what I’ve done to my body over the years so getting back to where I was prior to Iraq is important to me.

Jul2016 Mar2016 2Feb15 19Jan2015 July2014 May2014 Jan2010 

Jan 2010 – 270
May 2014 – 283
July 2014 – 277
Jan 2015 – 268
Feb 2015 – 264
Mar 2016 – 274
Jul 2016 – 274

I copied the last post about photos with comparisons so I could put all of these side-by-side with todays.

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