Another week down and more results. I went to Dallas for a trip where I ran around the entire weekend (pretty much from Friday at 4pm until Saturday at midnight) mostly figuratively running, but moving very fast… I wish I could’ve gone to AllCon instead smile emoticon
I didn’t eat much, but I did manage to stay hydrated. My weight went up just a little (nervousness produces constipation, just sayin). However, my size went down.
Chest original size (2012) 44 – current 40.75 – I think the difference up from last week was tightness of tape If I’d pulled tighter I would’ve been 39.75 but I slacked up the tape a bit figuring I pulled it too tight yesterday
Waist original size 49.75 – current 43.75 – down .5 since last week
Thighs original size 31.5 – current 26.75 – no change.
I only worked out last monday, but like I said I was standing and moving from 4 friday to midnight sunday save a couple hours sleep… I think that counts as a pretty good workout. This week, back to riding the bike.

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