I haven’t been publishing blog posts weekly for a few weeks.  I have been very busy with work, school, and family and I just forget… and I’m the only one who probably reads these so they’re really just for me right now.

I’ve still been dropping in size but not weight.  I am down to a 42″ waist, but still weigh between 265 and 270 depending on the day.  My chest and waist (where waist = the fattest part of my abdomen drawing a line around my belly over my belly button) are about the same.  I can fit into smaller shirts (XLs now instead of XXLs) and XXL shirts feel hugeish to me.  I’m wearing a size 44 jean now, but I can fit into 42s that I’ve not worn in many years (I have some that have been in storage).  By the end of the week, I’ll go pick up a pair of 42 jeans I’m sure.

I’m still riding about an hour a day on the stationary bike and I’m peddling harder than before getting in a vigorous workout.  I’ve hit that point in my weight loss where I’m subconsciously sabotaging myself by buying candy bars and cinnamon rolls.  I’m craving those things which means I’m doing the right things and need to add more carbs, like carrots, to my diet so I’m not binging on caramellos and apple pies.

I feel pretty good.  A bit stressed at work right now because of juggling school, work, and family.  Going back to school is a young single person’s game 😉

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