Yesterday wasn’t as rough as I thought it would be.  I read a lot of articles on fasting and they made it sound like I was going to die the first 24 hours.  If I hadn’t been used to fasting for years I probably would have.  By fasting, I mean that I used to only eat dinner; however, I would drink a lot of Coke through the day.

I had some hunger which I would counter with 2 glasses of water.  I had a headache towards the end of the day, which went away right before bed but is back now.  I got up to pee a lot last night – three times and I emptied my over-full bladder.  Water weight loss put me at 3 pounds down.  I did my measurements yesterday and I’ll do them every Sunday.  My plan is minimum of 5 days – I’d like to go 14 days.  I am not planning to workout during the fast, however, I haven’t ruled it out.  I want to workout I don’t think it’s a good idea.  As for whether fasting is or isn’t a good idea – we’ll have to see.  Being 100 pounds overweight isn’t a good idea either.  I’m not doing this to lose weight; I’m doing this to drop sugar completely.  I am a sugar addict and cutting Coke was hard enough, now it’s time to cut out everything for a bit and “start over” so-to-speak.  When I’m done with the fast I’ll introduce food slowly – like watermelon and soup.  Then add more veggies and fruit and some meats.

I did wake up tired.   I slept 8 hours and was still ready for another 2-10 hours of sleep.  I’m sure part of that is that I woke up multiple times and after the last one I didn’t get back to sleep.  I did have like 12 kernels of popcorn last night to get rid of my heartburn.

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