Yesterday went by extremely slowly.  I think that was because the tasks I was working on were taking hours at a time to run and I couldn’t leave my desk while they were running.  I had some heartburn yesterday so I countered with a couple snow peas.  I drank a lot of water.  I’m down another 3+ pounds.  I also haven’t had a bm since monday sometime.

This morning I feel ok.  I am a little tired, but not overly.

As the day went on I felt really well.  I had more energy.  My focus wasn’t great.  I tested my ketones and I was between 15 and 40 so I’ll say it was 27.5.  My headache went away.  I decided to read up on the dangers of water fasting… I thought I had before I started, but I probably wanted some kind of cognitive dissonance or confirmation bias who knows what you do when you’re desperate.  Mostly, I was competing against a friend of mine, he doesn’t know it, and it may be one of the few times I ever feel competitive.  In any case, my brain convinced me to lookup the health effects and while death hasn’t been a factor in staying fat it seems anti-conducive to getting healthy and losing a lot of this weight.  I decided to do some more research; I want to lose weight and not die.

I ate some chicken, cheese, and sunflower seeds last night.  I chose those foods on purpose.

I decided to look more into a short term PSMF (protein sparing modified fast) where I eat mostly protein during the day and stay under 20g carbs by eating veggies (not starches, carrots, fruits, alcohols, etc).  We’ll see.  it’s time for bed.

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