Well, I slept well from 10:40p to 3:40a – ugh.  Not enough hours of sleep.  I have a headache.  I’ll admit that this lack of sleep is likely due to starting an exciting project about a week ago and not wanting to stop until it’s complete.  It’s been an almost 30 year dream and it’s finally in the realm of doable.

I decided to do my body fat calculation this morning, since it’s been a while.  For that I go to Scooby – http://scoobysworkshop.com/body-fat-calculator/

Body Fat %: 32%
Lean Body Mass: 191 pounds
Body Fat: 91 pounds
Fat Free Mass Index: 28

I did a lot of research this morning on PSMF and that’s how I’m going to proceed.  I’ll workout 4 days a week doing bodyweight strength training for about 30 mins a day (read: climbing rock wall, simple TRX).  I’ll still drink the 14 cups of water.  The difference is that I’ll eat mostly lean protein, veggies, no fruits and no starches (so bye bye carrots and corn).  My plan is to go from now until Monday and see how I feel.  Since I stay under 20-30g of carbs I can substitute some of the protein shakes.  This all sounds familiar to me and may be something like I’ve done in the past.  The goal is to stay about 600-800 cals a day.  I’m spurred on by this loss of weight the last few days and I want to keep going, but healthier.

FTR, I don’t eat horribly now.  I eat more fruit than I should, mostly apples.  Every once in a while I binge on junk food until I get back to the weight that I started at.

Let’s see how the day goes.

So far, the day has gone well.  Day 4 is almost over and I’m firmly over 40 (mg/dL) on the ketones .  I’ve had chicken today and some eggs this morning.  I need to get in more calories for the day, but I feel ok.  My monitor is killing my eyes, otherwise I’m doing well.  I do need to pack in more than 6 cups of water today.  I’ll get on that after I’m out of work.

I was well into ketosis last night.  I made the mistake of eating some cauliflower so I dropped out of high ketosis into a low range.

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