W322 D1

(Day 7) – 17 pounds down… I’m happy with that. I’ve lost an inch off my chest and 1.5 off my waist. I have eaten other than potatoes… twice I’ve had hunger so bad because I’ve forgotten to eat so I’ve had some chicken breast.

I feel pretty good. I walked without getting winded. I am able to touch my toes again and put on socks. The biggest thing (no pun intended) is that I feel lighter – not much weight, but it is apparently enough to make me feel enough of a difference. Shirts fit a bit better. pants fit just a bit better. like I said movement, walking, breathing. I’m sure open airway helps. I’ve not snored in several days now so that’s huge. I am waking up early – I go to bed at like midnight or fall asleep then and wake up at 6 or 630 then have to fall back asleep til 8… I’m rested when I get up – not like before where I wasn’t.

I need to read what I’m supposed to do in a week – I’m ok with this for now – I don’t even dislike this at all. I could go eat a taco or big mac and come back and eat a potato and be fine… however, I know that I would break the ketosis I’m in and I don’t. That’s a difference from other regimens I’ve worked before… I’ve always gotten to a point where I’ve broken and eaten a bunch of crap – sat down like an addict and eaten 64 donut holes and looked like michael bolton in the lonely island captain jack sparrow video. Maybe it’s a mentality thing… I can do this… I don’t know. The point is I’ve said “yeah I’d like some nachos bell grande. I’m not going to eat them because skinny me will eat them. current me will wait. current me has enjoyed those things for many years it’ll be ok.”

I’m excited for tomorrow.

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