W322 D2

I don’t mind potatoes. I’ve been eating them like apples for the last week+. I’ve had three issues where my stomach has hurt so bad I’ve eaten some extras like a little chicken breast or some shrimp – nothing more just those. Now – I could stay in this place eating just potatoes and adding some chicken or shrimp for a long long time – really. Maybe adding some cheese once a week or something. I’m actually ok here and never thought I’d say that. I hit a minor plateau overnight. I didn’t drop as many pounds as I thought – weird because I worked a lot yesterday and thought there’d be a pound or two but stayed right around yesterday’s number. Still though not unhappy with the results. My belly is falling which means I’m dropping fat from somewhere even if my weight isn’t going. I haven’t even had a sugar craving this entire time. Normally, I’m like all up in the cravings. Right now, I can’t wait to get to the phase where I can eat potatoes and chili with some cheese and maybe meat (chicken, fish, maybe hamburger) but mostly beans, potatoes, and spices. I have no idea why.

I read some blogs on the post-14 days. One guy boasts a 2-pound salad daily with his own dressing. It sounds really good right now… however, I’m wondering how much that costs a day. Would it be cheaper to just not eat? Idk.

I did, however, find something interesting in one of the blogs I was reading. I’ve mentioned here that I’ve had these cycles that I always found interesting. 3 months of intense pushing then around the 3-month mark my body would rebel and I would sabotage the crap out of it for 3 months then go back into a cycle. One of the blogs mentioned that Ray Cronise says if you try to do a diet more than 12 weeks your brain will rebel because it’s not supposed to. It will actively try to sabotage you. I don’t know if my experiences back up his theory or not; I believe they do. Now that that is something someone else has said and I don’t sound crazy to myself I need to capitalize on that. At the end of 12 weeks, I’m done with this plan. So, my weight loss goal is over and my eating plan will be whatever I’ve set for it. I am not vegan and I won’t be vegan. I will not probably eat much in the way of red meat, but who knows. I might go full Jillette and not ever eat meat again idk. Right now, that doesn’t even seem like a possibility. I mean, the shrimp I had last night without any spices at all were the best shrimp I’ve ever eaten in my life. I had some potatoes sliced not cooked and some cooked shrimp it may have been the best thing I’ve ever eaten… for the last week for sure. Seriously though, the shrimp tasted amazing – and I checked… ingredients were just shrimp nothing else.

I cooked some potatoes this morning. A lot of potatoes – like 6 medium sliced. I wanted to add some chicken or shrimp or even some hamburger with some cheese. spoon some chili beans over them. Now I’m having cravings lol

I feel really good though. I’m restless – which is a good thing. It means I need to get a little excess out during the day so my body doesn’t have it pent up at bedtime. Im not supposed to workout… but I’m thinking a short bike trip would be ok – something lite maybe stationary bike – we’ll see

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