W322 D5

From yesterday

I’ve changed up my eating – I didn’t believe people when they say after a week and a half of potatoes you won’t be hungry… you’re not. I wasn’t eating. Wasn’t hungry. And was doing heavy moves though. I was working out by lifting stuff and working on printing and the like so while not actual workout still breaking rules of the no workout so I added some lean meat only to my food. I am in full ketosis as measured – I was surprised. I have some chicken breast and egg white and potatoes – the protein is mostly for added flavor and ketosis filler I guess – I added some pepper and two medium potatoes – and I bought some frozen shrimp a while ago so I threw a few of those in – not really a lot of meat – 2-3 pcs of chicken cubes 2-3 shrimp and 1/4 c of egg whites with 2 medium potatoes that I cooked individually in a skillet

My waist is down another 1/2” and you can see my belly sagging down as the fat is falling off. I’m down about 311 now so that’s 20 since last Monday. I feel really really good. I’ve not had anything processed like no extra sugars salts nothing in this time – my pants fit better even though they were tighter when I was 270 lol. My swelling in my legs has almost stopped which means the fluid in my lungs has stopped. I still don’t have cravings per se though today I could’ve ravaged a plate of freshly heated Brie
Idk what day this is… Monday is 8? So 10? Day 10 and 20 pounds down drinking water though I just found out black coffee unsweetened green or iced or hot tea would’ve been ok – unsweetened tea is of the devil and coffee without anything is for other people lol

I woke up this morning and taped myself.

my neck is 15.5 – so 1/2″ smaller than it was
my bellybutton is 48″ now down from 51″
my chest is 42.5″ down from 43.5″
my butt is  52″ down from 54″
my thighs are 30.5″ down from 31″

so you can see some fat loss is happening. I’m quite happy with it. 20 pounds in 10 days. Inches off in 10 days. I’m happy with those results. While I didn’t maintain a strict potato diet I haven’t strayed and I like where this is going.

I’ll tell you what I love about all of this, so far. I’m not counting anything. I know what I’m eating. I’m eating a base of as many potatoes as I can handle – which gets fewer and fewer as the days go by – meaning I just don’t want to eat much. If I want to add to that then right now I add some egg white and shrimp. I shouldn’t but for dessert, I add some string cheese, which I shouldn’t. I have some pre-grilled and spiced chicken. That used to be mildly spicy to me… it’s now forking spicy. I’m avoiding any meats with added anything. Shrimp they’re just cooked, nothing added… shrimp and water. the string cheese… they have salt.. I shouldn’t eat dairy so I’m gonna just not. egg whites, all good there. Now, I don’t know how long I’ll do this potato-keto mix thing for. it’s working for me. I’m not sure what I should do at this point. Should I add greens to it? I think so. Maybe add a salad of greens (romaine & kale) and some other vegetables. Idk I’ve got a few days to figure it out.

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