W323 D2

Still doing well. I thought I’d fall off the wagon, but I haven’t. I attended a BBQ and they had many foods that weren’t covered in sauces and stuff I couldn’t eat (like smoked chicken but not covered in BBQ sauce. boiled potatoes though those had a lot of cajun spices with the crawdads. whew hot.

In any case, I ate normal (meaning, nothing procesed) the last two days (day 14 and 15). I wasn’t supposed to, but whatever. I figured I’d be ok.

As expected, I gained a little weight – like 2 pounds, so no big deal. I’m also still a little dehydrated from the ride… I mean it was forkin hot. I hadn’t expected to ride so I didn’t hydrate before and during the ride I forgot my cupholder so I had to wait for stops. Normally when I ride I stay a little dehydrated so I don’t have to stop often… so I’m extra post-ride dehydrated today.

I expect over the next few days I’ll drop the weight (water weight and all).

I feel really good. Still no snoring. So nearly 2 weeks of no snoring. Even my allergies are like sooo much better – my regular meds are working very well as they should have been. I’ve only sneezed like twice in the last two weeks where I would’ve normally been sneezing a lot – and that’s with what TWC says has been high pollen counts.

My waist is still getting smaller. My chest is still getting smaller. My digestion is doing quite well. Like I’ve not had to sprint for a bathroom in 2 weeks… and I’ve eaten cheese… I’ve had dairy problems for 20+ years.

My food is mostly potatoes now. I am not hungry most of the time. I drink a lot of water. a lot of the day I’m refilling water and drinking 12oz water. it’s just something my body is wanting. When I eat most of the time it’s one or two medium-sized setups. 2-4 medium potatoes made how I want them with whatever chicken, fish, or shrimp I want (and I don’t want much). I add some romaine lettuce and some eggwhites most of the time and that’s about it. Usually, I eat one of these about 5-7pm. if I’m hungry before then I’ll eat a small or medium potato raw. If I’m hungry after I’ll have a small potato.

I need to add a little more in the way of greenery and I’ve not read up on that yet – but that’s the goal this week.

I am weak of course because I’m not working out. I am doing work but not lifting weights or riding my bike, but I am working in the heat and lifting screens walking up and down a lot of stairs, printing shirts. I’m still doing a lot of work, but I’m not working out. So when I say weak, I mean I couldn’t do like 20 pushups or lift a heavy box and carry it for too far.

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