W323 D4

I’ve balanced out at 311-315 for a little bit. I’m hovering for the moment. I’m alright with that for yesterday but not today. If I didn’t feel well still I wouldn’t be alright with it yesterday.

I have a lot of physical work to do today. I also know that with this past weekends dehydration I’m storing more water still. So, once I’ve hit a certain point and drop that water my weight will go down. That’s not fat. That’s not what I want. However, my waist is still getting smaller. So, I’m perfectly alright with my weight maintaining as long as I am getting smaller. My waist is 47.75″ so down another 1/4″ from the original 51″ which is pretty great considering it’s been 2 1/2 weeks.

In any case, lots of work today. Hot weather outside. Hot work inside. Potatoes for eating. Lots of water.

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