W324 D4

It’s been a few days.

Sunday, Father’s Day, I ate horribly – and that was my actual 21st day – I got cashew chicken sat night because you never know around here with chinese places – some sunday holidays they’re like hell yes we’re open and other’s they’re like “Fu King Hol Day – Closed” I ate half of an ice cream cake – I didn’t feel guilty and it was ok… not great… but I didn’t think I’d finish it lol. It’s not actually a cheat day when it’s worked in. it was a planned eat crap day. I had a big roast beef no bun and I can’t remember anything else… some chicken I think. Maybe I didn’t eat anything else. Idk.

Monday and yesterday I went back to eating mostly meats and veggies and a couple of potatoes.

Today – all potatoes again. I now have three kinds of potatoes. I’m eating some big sunzas, some yukon golds, and some tiny reds. I cut them up cook them in a pan and add some pepper. No meats today. I’ll ramp the water back up and probably stick with mainly potatoes for the next two weeks.

My weight is at 313 with the water – without it’s about 307-308 so I’m losing about a pound a day. My waist is 47.5-48 which is down from the 51 I started at (granted some is most likely water, but smaller is smaller:)) – my butt is way small. my cargo shorts from Disney would barely fit and now I can turn my fist sideways in the waistband. My pants fit and I can sit down without feeling like I’m being cut in half. I’ve still got the water retention problem in my lower legs, but I don’t take the water pills daily because I literally have to pee 12 ounces every half hour.

I did find out cheese is very bad lol. I ate some string cheese and snored all night Saturday and Sunday… so no more cheese (which is my favorite fruit.

Otherwise, I’ve been working a lot, not working out still, just working. I’m hauling stuff around and walking a lot to get things done around the house. Hauling tshirts everywhere for orders (since the printer is downstairs I’m hauling heavy boxes of shirts downstairs, printing, then packing, and hauling them back upstairs. So that’s kind of a workout.

Otherwise, I feel exceptional – which I have to say even at 313 I feel waaaayyyy better than I ever did even at 270.

Slowly but surely.

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