W325 D3

I was asked by a friend of mine if you post on Tuesday why is it day 3 – Sunday is Day 1, not Monday.

This.is.day.30. I weigh 307.8 – Memorial Day (28May) I weighed 331.0 – All of this is diet only. I’ll get into that in a few minutes.
First, even at almost 308 I feel better than in the 270s. No joint aches, no muscle aches, no migraines, no neck pain, no snoring, lots of other noes in the negative categories that I can’t think of. I still have a little fluid build up in my legs. I am not taking the water pills just drinking more water. I do need to get more pills. In any case, lots of good stuff.
Time for some vitals before I get to diet changes. These measurements are listed as current and original one month ago.
neck: 15.5″ – 16″ = .5″
chest: 41.75″ – 43″ = 1.2″
waist: 47.25″ – 51 = 3.75″
hips: 50.5″ – 54.5″ = 4″
thighs: 29.5″ – 31″ = 1.5″
I’ll explain the hips one – you all know I’ve got the jLo. so that is the absolute roundest part of the weeble and the wobble – the apex of the donk on the a and b side coming around to the front. so it’s not actually a hip measurement… it’s the golden globes measurement. Death Star 1 & 2 circumferencies (not an actual word).
In one month – that’s a lot of size. 23 pounds of size (also my arms have a little extra in them too that I never measured).
On to the diet:
I’ve never really eaten more than once a day since my professional career. It’s just kind of the way it’s turned out. However, I would snack a few times a day. Since the first two weeks of potatoes, I’m pretty much only hungry once a day. I will have some eggs (or egg white) with a small potato if I’m really really hungry for breakfast. And I’ll drink a lot of water. I’m know I’m always a little more dehydrated in the morning. Everyone is.
I don’t eat anything that is bread. no taco shells, no burrito flours, burger buns, etc. I have no oils. I don’t add anything to my food that’s not pepper either. So no salts, sugars, etc. I eat nothing that comes from fast food at all except on Sat night or Sunday since those are my planned times to eat fast food. They’re not cheats. As Penn says, I plan to eat crap, that’s when I plan to eat crap 🙂 I’m surprised at how little crap I eat.
Mostly, I eat chicken, fish, I buy these bags of shrimp that are 7 bucks and one lasts 2 weeks. I put 4-8 tiny shrimp in with some chicken or fish. I cut up potatoes. I have two med yukon gold with some of these baby reds. I cut them into dice and cook them on the oven and always over pepper them – I need to remember to add less pepper. Then I mix them with some salsa. toss in the chicken, fish, and shrimp. Sometimes I throw in some onions and green peppers with the chicken, fish, and shrimp. and it’s not a lot of meat either – it totals less than 3oz total.
Once a week I’ll have some steak but I don’t add anything to it either. If I have a burger it’s on Sunday only. After eating chicken for a month, burgers tasted weird. I can’t explain it, but they do.
I don’t count anything (calories, sodium, carbs, etc). On Sat night and Sunday I eat or drink whatever I want. The rest of the week I have no desire to eat what I ate on Sat night and Sunday.
Now, could I run very far? or could I lift a bunch of stuff for very long? no. And if you need to, you’d probably have to adjust this a bit. Mentally, am I unfocused? not at all – and all I do is use my brain and type. I’d probably have to add more carbs like corn and beans (green or lentils or something) to my food if I had to stand longer periods of time. But I stood printing t-shirts for 4 hours and didn’t have any issues and it was hot so idk.
Right now, having leveled off, I’m losing about a pound a day.

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