W336 D2

I wanted to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday when the actual event happened, but it’s inevitable now so I’m going to post last week’s progress.

First, the boring part – I’ve managed to stay between 307 and 317 since I hit the bottom of the weight drop on June 9th. 94 days.

I am 106 days from Memorial Day today. I’ve somehow managed not to go full-on frontal nudity and eat everything despite every stressor and failure in the last 94 days (that’s a success). Last Monday I kicked back into Protein Satiating Modified Fast (PSMF) which is almost entirely protein, as much green leafy veggies I want and I eat however many potatoes I can eat still (which isn’t that many). but I only eat really once a day and a smaller snack later. e.g. I’ll make a bunch of eggs with potatoes and some bacon and can’t finish it. So the 1/4c or 1c that I don’t eat for lunch I’ll eat at 5pm. and that’s it. I drink 8oz or more of water every hour. Not really a new thing for me.

I finally broke 307 and am at 301.6 – I figure tomorrow or Wed I’ll break 300 for the first time since august 2017.

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