Day 1717

Finally some breakthroughs. I’m out of energy. I’m pretty run down. That’s not from diet, workouts. I’m burnt out. I’m ready for vacation next week. I’m going to chill most days. I’m setting up the streaming station so I’ll be doing some streaming events coming up. I’ll really be spending most of the time relaxing.

Since moving the weights and TRX back upstairs my workouts have increased 800% – b/c I wasn’t doing them daily. So now, I workout about 8x a day. I know I’ve discussed this before; I have a mini workout between 5-10 mins every hour during my work day. This keeps me hydrated, because I drink water before each one, and it gets me away from my computer, which keeps my brain active. I have also entered the phase where I don’t need to eat as much. All good things. That really means, for me, that I am about to hit VLCD where I’ll be punching up with giant salads again.

Tonight I’m going to a brew co that some friends own. I don’t drink beer very often (like 1 beer every 10 years or something). However, tomorrow, I’ll start my fast cycle. I like to get started on a Thursday or Friday because my brain suffers the first couple days until my body starts burning fat again. My ideal day is only eating 1 hour a day around dinner time. However, I may increase that window at some point. I’m going to push to fast, either VLCD or not eat at all, until the 2nd of July. I can do that. In fact, I’m going to figure out how to record vlogs during this time then post them as-is – no editing. I put limitations on myself like editing and then I don’t do what I want to (like releasing vlogs). In any case, not eating from tomorrow til the 2nd of July. Then I’ll see how I do. I am usually ok after 7 days. I might limit myself and say something like I can only eat watermelon and potatoes (not at the same time). I’d like to not eat at all for 14 days total.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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