Day 1721

Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey, welcome back.

I’m setting up the streaming studio tonight. I’ll start doing more live streaming events with the Cherokee-English Dictionary, some chess, and just chatting – including a segment we’ll simply call “shit my kids say” – it might change later.

My vacation has started. I’m excited because tomorrow I start workouts and eating like I’ve not done before. I’ve pushed hard before. I’m going to push a lot harder starting tomorrow for 60 days. In addition to setting up the streaming studio I’m also going to be arranging my room with all of the weights, trx, etc so I can film my workouts over the next 60 days. I’m doing a set of pictures daily. I’ll be doing weight daily. However, I’ll only be taping and calipers once a week. Each week will include a review of the week – maybe some exercise video montage (probably not, I don’t know that people want to see that) – and what I’m going to do to adjust for the next week; whether that’s sets, reps, weight totals, etc.

I’m very excited. I’ve never been excited to workout ever so I’m looking forward to it. I’m also not counting macros. They’re default added with My Fitness Pal. However, I’m only counting calories. So if my calorie total is 1200 and I have 8 cans of coke then that’s 1120 calories – I can have 80 calories to eat. Whatever my total calories is I don’t go over for the next 60 days. I may adjust that weekly, but not daily. Now, if I do have like 1280 calories one day then I just aim for 1120 the next day. No big deal. It is my desire to stick as close to the goal as possible.

My foods are from Greg Doucette’s cookbook and I have prepackaged foods – like some salads or salmon, that kind of thing. I’ll be weighing everything for the next 60 days. I already know I’ll have a lot of strawberry protein shakes – they taste amazing.

I’m eating the last bad food I’ll have for 60 days. After tonight, everything I eat (except a Wahlburger on Thursday) will be home cooked from Greg’s cookbook.

Idk that I’m ready for tomorrow to get here. Something deep inside me is trying to figure out how to get out of it. I’m ready to fight it though.

So, we’ll see what the next 60 days look like.

Until next time. dodadagohvi.

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