HMD/HUD Integration Work

Osiyo. Dohiju? Hey, welcome back.

It’s currently 3am. I started last night by reviewing my displays. I’m waiting on three cameras (one that matches one I have and two IR cameras for gaze tracking) so I thought I’d work on getting my view to work the way I want it. I spent a lot of time reading every article I could find on Unity, OpenCV, and webcam or some permutation of those terms and many more.

Then I remembered the Triton project. I went back and reviewed it. You can start with Part 1 and read through part 3 and then the follow up. What Graham has done is the part of my work that I need done for MR. He has integrated LeapMotion with his own headset design and his own software for display. I have my own software, camera integration (detection, recognition, etc), and the same style display and headset he has.

I made a lot of notes in Evernote where most can be summed up like this, “How best for me to merge these two projects together into something better?” Maybe that’s not the best summary. In any case I laid out a plan to first put together the headset which is really just adding the LeapMotion back on the front and switching orientation. Then testing his code with my rig. The next step is to evaluate my work in Flask and see if I want to move his files over and try them in Flask. Or should I port my code over since I’ve already experimented somewhat in this realm before? The real answer is probably both. Then I’ll take inventory of what I really need done in C vs Python vs JavaScript. The templating, the cameras can all be done with Express as I’ve done before. But I will try the webasm version of OpenCV first. I also have to wire the STT/TTS with whatever combination I do.

I probably should’ve got out of bed and worked on this instead of reading tons of articles about pros and cons and I also read code. It is what it is. Maybe I should record my work and see what ones of that since I have the streaming rig all set up.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi.

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