ᎣᏏᏲ. ᏙᎯᏧ? Hey, welcome back!

The last couple months have been extremely busy. I haven’t had time to get back to work on SERINDA. I have code modified in BabylonJS locally so that I can hook SERINDA in and work with BabylonJS in a better way that OpenCV and other libraries can interact. This means that I can hook into BabylonJS and use the features I want much easier. In any case, I’m pretty excited about the work. I also have an Intel D435 and T265 to hook up for the headset. Eventually, this headset will get super heavy if I don’t have some custom optics made. I can remove the LeapMotion if I have the two Intel cameras because they’ll do hand recognition. So we’ll have to see. I have a bunch of work to finish on the dictionary site before I can get back to this.

The next item, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on the dictionary site. I’ve added a ton of new items, updated a bunch of elements, and I still have several new features to add. I also finished a change to some archiving software I had written so I can catalog a library. The premise is that I can take a picture of the information I need and OCR will turn it into usable tex that will get written to a file. That data can then be tagged however needed to identify the items. My original software allowed me to take photos of different collections in boxes and tag items so I could look them up and find them.

I read through the stats and the most searched and viewed items relate to Tensorflow installation and OpenCV ARUCO tags. Month-over-month these stats are always the highest. As I get further into releasing my BabylonJS work I’ll probably do more posts related to both of these topics. Of course, once my BabylonJS changes are made and my work is published there’ll be a lot more discussion about that.

I’ve been working pretty hard on my language book. It’s taken me over 8 years or so to work on it. Most of that time was compiling details for the chapters. I spent yesterday really going through my work, so far, and clipping unnecessary items and moving items to other chapters. I have spent a lot of time the last 8 years thinking about how I want the exercises and vocabulary to be laid out. So as soon as I finish identifying all of the content then the work begins laying out content and where grammar rules are placed. It’ll probably take another year or more to finish, but when I finish chapters I’ll release those for feedback.

I think that’s it.

Until next time. Dodadagohvi. ᏙᏓᏓᎪᎲᎢ.

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