TRX – W4D1

if you look back at my trip since i sarted trx you’ll see that ive missed three workouts (W1D4, W3D3, and W3D4) – i’ll make these up at the end of the 12 weeks.
last week I was incredibly tired, overworked, and quite frankly exhausted.  i didnt feel good towards the end of the week – a weekend of bad eating followed by a week of not eating the same as the weeks before and a ton of stress led me into a crappy place.
The last two workouts of last week were also some of my favorites – i am sad i didnt do them and had intended to do them fri sat then sat sun and finally i just decided to start week 4.
This week Im on the road.  ive got the TRX with me and am having to modify moves based on my door hang instead of ceiling hang.  i was finally able to do some burpees (sans harness) that included putting my feet under me and a slightly modified move – but nothing like the begining where i couldnt do any.

I modified the low row to chest press bc i cant move through a doorway.  i do the low row then move towhere my head hits the door, turn around and do the press – dizzying.

I also felt the power of the side plank as i was able to do those and the “body saw” without much of a problem.  the 40 sec each side on the side planks was a little rough towards the end, but i finished quite easily (compared to the first time i tried them).

i have not taken a walk or bike ride due to rain in a while – tonight the machines were packed or i wouldve gone then.  im sure at 6 the machines will be packed again, but ill give it a try anyway.  if they are then ill take a walk around this complex area to equal my walk time and/or distance.

also of note – i was incredibly sore for a few days after my last trx workout last tuesday – that soreness lasted until saturday when it was finally low enough that i barely noticed.

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